Mobius Mod - (External Battery Checker)

by FliteTest | July 8, 2015 | (7) Posted in Tips

The mobius action camera is a great, cost effective camera but if you've had much experience with one you know that it can be frustrating knowing how "charged" the battery is. Here's a quick tip to add an adapter to your mobius!

This mod will likely void your warranty so keep that in mind if you'd like to try this hack.

First you'll want to remove the two screws and open up the mobius.

On the battery you'll see the positive and negative ports you'll be soldering to.

In the top lid, drill your hole to feed your adapter through.

Test fit your adapter. We're installing a basic JST Adapter so we can test our battery with a 1-6 cell Tester.

 Feed your adapter through the case and solder the adapter onto your leads.

If you're using a 1-6 Cell Battery Checker, you can tell which side is the bottom by looking for the 'dots' on the LED display. In very small print the ports are labeled as well. Starting from the bottom: negative,1,2,3,4,5,6. 

And there you go! A mobius with a battery checker adapter. We hope this tip was helpful, we'd love to see what other mods you might have to share!


AcBates on July 8, 2015
for little gadgets like that, I remove the batteries every chance I get and just have a connector. it's easy to tap into one or two cells (whatever is needed) into your flight battery. the camera wont drain enough to make any difference to your battery balance over the course of one flight... this is just as a weight savings, as well as not having to remember to charge the camera.
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Steve Bowman on July 8, 2015
Great tip. I think I will give it a try.
Do you know what the battery should be charged to?
4.22 volts is the a fully charged battery or in the middle?
Please advise.

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AcBates on July 8, 2015
fully charged lithium based cell. likely Li-Ion
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Epitaph on July 10, 2015
You can use this mod to do cycles on your LiPo charger too so you can look after your battery as well as see just how many amps are charging into it from empty
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lusid666 on July 9, 2015
Nice Idea. Also means you should be able charge the mobius on a 4 button charger and that will be loads quicker than through USB
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Milk Man 1954 on July 8, 2015
I really like these little tidbits of information.

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Mobius Mod - (External Battery Checker)