Mustang F.P.V.-Noon Patrol

by Zatoichi | May 15, 2013 | (6) Posted in Just Fun

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra-Stardust

 F.P.V. P-51-d from Tower Hobbies.1000kvmotor.30amp esc.3c2200 batt. 5.8ghz.200mw.950grams AUW. 
I have,since this flight was made,refitted the canopy,re positioned the Vtx and cloverleaf antenna inside and inverted as seen in the beginning of the video. The resulting separation of antenna has done wonders for my range.

 Do not be afraid to mount your S.P. Vtx antenna up or down. What happens when you invert a doughnut? 

It still tastes great!;)


flyingkiwi14 on May 17, 2013
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Zatoichi on May 17, 2013
Why thank you!
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Mustang F.P.V.-Noon Patrol