My Battery and Charger field case.

by Ak Flyer | January 28, 2013 | (8) Posted in Tips

Hello flyers,

    I've been struggling with a way to organize all my batteries and chargers and make it portable for my trips to the field.  I had an old 12"x14" marine flare case that fit the bill perfectly.  A bit of hot glue worked fantastic for securing the large components and placing some velcro to hold the rest.  Two chargers and the power supply fit perfectly without blocking the air fans or vents and left plenty of room for cords.  For the outdoor season I'll make up a cable to run both chargers off of my truck battery.  Some velcro on top holds all my batteries perfectly and a couple plastic bins with lids velcroed in hold my dozens of 1S batteries for micro sized aircraft.  When I get back to the hardware store I'll put the big velcro over the entire top side.  My 4 slot 1S charger runs off of batteries so I didn't include it in this version.  With a bigger case it would be easy to add it as well.  I made sure to toss in a LiPo charging bag and tossed in a LiPo voltage checker.  A most valuable tool in the field.  

    With this setup I've got the capability of charging two of any battery I can come up with and it all folds up neatly in the box in seconds.  Right now the only thing I'm missing is a FliteTest gremlin on the front.   Take a look and if you like it please rate the article.  Thanks for looking.


Ak Flyer



lonewolf7717 on January 29, 2013
Harbor Freight have some very nice aluminium cases which would serve nicely in such a role for those with a little less accessibility to marine flare cases. Been toting one around for years that has to be all of 20lbs loaded with lipos, tx and tools.
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RC Everything on January 28, 2013
Indeed a very good idea to transport the batteries to the field. However, that must be a very heavy box. The handle of the box might give way after using for some time...
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Ak Flyer on January 28, 2013
It's very heavy but it's a very heavy duty marine flare case. The handle on mine won't be a problem. If anyone wants to make their own I suggest they find a very very tough box. Something like a pelican case is perfect, but those are expensive.
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Adib Vahedi on January 30, 2013
That is a great idea but I think the box would be over crowded and very heavy so too much in there band you should. Organize it a bit more that would he'll!!!! :)
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Ak Flyer on January 30, 2013
I'm glad you like it. I feel it has just the right amount of stuff in it. It's really not all that heavy. The chargers and power supply are secured in place and the velcro on the top section securely holds all the batteries I care to bring. I actually do bring all the batteries shown because I use them in a day. Everything has a place so I'm not sure what else I could do besides use a larger box. I'm very open to suggestions though.
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My Battery and Charger field case.