My first attempt at videoing rockets with the Hex

by vk2icj | June 19, 2013 | (4 Ratings) Posted in Just Fun



This is my first attempt to video with my Hexicopter.  I have been into rocketry for near on 20 years now and just in the last year got into multirotors.  I have a Rollei Bullet HD2 camera which is set at 720p @60fps.  There was some condensation on the lens which I did not notice until after the flight.  I am curious if anyone else is using this camera and any results they are getting with it? The Hexi is a DJI F550 with a 4S lipo.  I am using a Hitec Aurora 9 as my tx.  I am getting ready for FPV next!   


ghostrider03z on August 19, 2013
Nice. however sticking your camera way high above the craft makes it more unstable. with the weight under the craft it technically "self stabilizes". Its like why we dont ride parachutes but hang under them. Just a tip to consider haha.
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vk2icj on August 24, 2013
Thank you, Yes I have a lot to learn. This was my first attempt at videoing. Thank you for the advice
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Trondareo on January 16, 2014
Hi, just saw your video. Great Idea!
Just wanted to say I have the same camera from BulletHD. I like it very well, its much more aerodynamic than gopros, and delivers just a good pictures. I hve it mounted on a tricopter v2.5

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