My FPV plane

by F.K1999 | September 10, 2017 | (0) Posted in Projects

Hello! My name is Fedor, surname is Kuznetsov, I'm from Moscow, Russia. Not very long ago I designed and built quite good FPV carrier, so I want to tell FT visitors about it. In spring I decided to build my first specialized FPV aircraft. At first, I had to choose configuration of my plane. And I thought, that the best variant of the size and configuration is  something like "mini talon" pusher. But I decided to use  more aerodynamically clear fuselage , medium - mounted wing and classical tail instead of talon's V-tail. In First prototype of my plane I tried to use fully turnable horizontal stabilizer, but it was my mistake. There is one of the first drawings of this model  Then, during some free time behind my school exams, I started to build this model. At first, I made paper patterns 

 The main construction material of this plane is thick and very durable foam-board, which is sold in Leroy Merlin and OBI shops, and usually used for noise insulation and warming in houses. Also I used balsa wood and carbon tubes. This plane was built in several steps. Firstly, using a knife, I cut some details 

 Then I cut all details, using only knife and abrasive paper. Then, I detached fuselage halves and cut a big volume inside of each other  After that, I installed 3 thick carbon tubes to one of the fuselage's halves. Further I started to make the wing consoles.  My mini - tiger helped me :) At first I cut placements for longerones. Then I cut 12 stripes of balsa, made 5 cm long trays in each other and glued 15 cm long pieces of 3mm thick carbon tube using C.A . Then I glued these "pencils" to the foam segments of the wings using hot glue. At last I attached magnetic fixators to the wing. And the first prototype was ready 

First test flight it made on July 8 , in spite of very bad weather. Plane flew well, but it was extremely unstable in pitch channel. I tried to enlarge square of horizontal tail, but plane was very unstable. And in one of the flights plane started to dive and it crashed. After analysis of mistakes, I built the second prototype. 

And after all, on August, 12 , it was maiden flight. It flew and glide amazingly and was very stable and easy to fly. Then I tested flight duration. This plane flew over 70 minutes, using 4A•h 3 cell battery (with all FPV setup installed).  Also aircraft is very maneuverable and rather fast. And also it can fly on low speed, being very stable and controllable. There are some characteristics of this plane: wingspan - 1280 mm, length - 1100 mm , mass - 700 grams , engine - Impact 2215, battery - Impact 3S 4000 mah. I hope, that you like my aircraft and article. At last, I wish you good flights and landings ! Sorry for my English.And there  is flight  video:



oldensly on September 11, 2017
Hello, I love the way you developed the plane into what you wanted. So many just give up if their first offering is not satisfactory. BTW Your English is 99% my Russian is 0! Keep up the good work.
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blueangel6 on September 11, 2017
Great job on your plane.
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raydar on September 12, 2017
I agree with the above comments, very nice looking aircraft!
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mikeflight on September 12, 2017
Great work. That is a very strong wind you were flying in. A couple of times It looked as if the plane was flying backwards. Well done and good flying.
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kosm on September 12, 2017
very nice plane my frent .looking god the center of gravith or CG .KEEP FLYING MY FRENT

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rcracer710 on September 12, 2017
Way to go on your plane and great job and working out the kinks on your plane your plane flys good in the video even there was strong winds blowing keep up the good work
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Gryf on September 20, 2017
Excellent work, Fedor! I think you just convinced me to design a plane myself. I've built lots of FT models, ARF kits, etc., but have never tried an original design. It's time to get creative! Hopefully mine will fly as well as yours. Regards, Gryf
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Missaka on September 22, 2017
Awesome design with an awesome power setup.
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tomh on February 11, 2018
your English is great, and the plane is beautiful! I'm really impressed for the size that you can carry a 4a battery and fpv gear. Detachable wing idea is could carry it in a backpack and launch it off a mountain or something..
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My FPV plane