My FT Spitfire

by Crockett FPV | May 2, 2019 | (5) Posted in Projects

I am Oliver, I 'm 15 and have been flying RC planes for 8 months. This is my favorite plane so far and have been loving flying it. 

Walk around after the main build complete

The Spitfire's maiden flight.

Walk around after build fully completed.

Seen left is my new FT Spitfire´┐╝ after the maiden, I decorated with spray paint (gravel and fern green) and decals I printed out. It has a model pilot under the water bottle canopy. It has 4 9g servos, a 2200kv motor with a 30amp ESC. I use a FlySky fs i6 tx and a 2200mah 3s lipo battery. Currently, the plane has a 6040 tri-blade prop which I intend to change to a 7040 two blade. 

Overall, it has been a great build and flight experience and another great plane from Flite Test!


AcendenceRC on September 4, 2019
I added a Spinner and some wing farings to mine, made it go really fast. Nice Job!
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Crockett FPV on September 7, 2019
Thanks. I added a spinner but it made the plane vibrate. Not sure I fitted it well.
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NYCBobby on September 8, 2019
Sweet build and a sweet plane. Nothing quite like building that first foamie and it's even more satisfying when you build it yourself from scratch. Have fun flying.
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My FT Spitfire