Narrated FPV 1

by Nicholas Love | January 5, 2014 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

I will be Documenting an entire city. From High above with my Drones I've Spent a year Designing and Building to Ground with My Low Ground Airboat with a Gopro. And on Foot with my more then 5 Cameras I've Spent the last 2 years Mastering."My Gear" and I Having a Great Understanding of light and how it works. which is what Photography and Video is. "Light" I will be giving you a First Person View of Marquette MI Showing you what it Looks and Feels like. Indoors and outdoors with Photos and HD Video. 

Please Check out and Follow the Project on Facebook,Twitter and youtube. and Flitetest :) I got almost all my help from you R/C guys thanks so much. 

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TehMaxwell on January 5, 2014
This is a fantastic idea and from this first flight it really works well, the HD Video lets you pick out every road really nicely. Good luck and I will be coming back to this project!
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Narrated FPV 1