Narrated FPV 2

by ghostrider03z | December 24, 2013 | (5) Posted in Just Fun

Hey guyssssss, I know there are tons of other narrated fpv videos out there and this one is not anything special.

So the plane I used was my own handcut 46 inch wing made of 2 inch thick bluecore foam from lowes. It uses a microjet motor from which gives it plenty of power and flight time. That is powered by a 2200 3s and my fpv gear is 5.8ghz (and I think) 600mw from The standard sony board camera that almost everyone uses lol.

Then I got a GoPro 3 Black next to my FPV camera recording 1080p 60fps in its case. I keep the GoPro in the case since it is on the very front of the plane and in the event of a crash, the case could really save the camera.

What I need to get this plane better is larger stabilizers and to mess with the CG.

I flew again this morning (the 24th) and adjusted the CG and a fair amount of the wobbles were gone and the interference was gone also that I kept complaining about in this video. Something must have been transmitting in my area that morning that I recorded.

Speaking of recording I recorded the audio with a Zoom H1 and rendered my video different and also converted my GoPro files from the RAW MP4 to AVI, a much more youtube friendly format.

Rover video is pretty much done, I recorded everything, I just need to re-record the audio and edit it.

If you guys want a video of my fpv setup I could do one.

Any questions, feel free to ask and a like on the video is awesome.

Have a happy holidays and I hope you guys enjoy.


skindoc on February 19, 2014
Great video - the video quality with your 5.8 setup is really great. Do you have any thoughts on the Mobius camera for FPV use ? I'm working on such a setup. You mentioned in a later video that you fly in 'hilly' terrain - that farmland is looking pretty flat. If guys from area want 'flat' land to fly over, we generally have to fly over water (eek !)
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TehMaxwell on December 26, 2013
Awesome video!

I am planning on getting into FPV and it is awesome to know that even when the video signal is a bit glitchy you can still fly well. It gives me a lot more confidence!

Its awesome to see what you can do with FPV and how fun it is even if you don't go long range. It's also refreshing to hear your experience first hand, as that is much more refreshing and helpful when thinking about getting into FPV!

Great Videos, I subscribed! Keep it up!

Also a quick question, roughly how far away do you think you flew on the 5.8ghz and how was the signal?
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ghostrider03z on December 26, 2013
Let me start off by saying thanks for the awesome comment, I'm glad to know that people are finding this helpful! Second, please feel free to message me on youtube or on here if you have questions.
You can never expect perfect video, but yes, you can easily fly through glitches as long as it comes back. But a good thing to follow is that if you get glitches in your video or in your controller for like a few seconds, turn around because most likely you will regain full signal.
The furthest I flew in the video was .34 miles. The limiting factor right now is my radio haha. I could go a lot further with my fpv, but its just not worth the risk till I get some upgrades going. The video was great, I got those random glitches but they were gone the next day that I flew, conditions are always changing:D
Honestly, it takes guts of steel to fly even a mile for the first few times. But I had such a ball flying in this video, I really don't need to go for distance. Its awful if you loose your plane 3 miles away because you pushed your distance. its a lot better if you loose your plane 400 feet away because you were trying to get close to the ground. Some of the best fun in FPV is like what I was doing, follow some obstacles like the fenceline! Some of the best advice I can give is to be relaxed when gathering your gear, setting it up and launching. Ive rushed doing that a few times and, literally, destroyed a plane haha. Just take your time and go slow, it makes everything more fun. Good luck and again, feel free to ask questions.
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TehMaxwell on December 29, 2013
Thanks for the response!

I definitely think I will go for 5.8ghz, as from what I have seen and what you have said. It applies much more to my close range flying needs.
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squishy on December 26, 2013
I watched the whole thing, and I rarely do that...keep on keeping it real ghostrider. I like your style, and great job on the build. You're gonna be teaching me stuff one of these days..
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ghostrider03z on December 26, 2013
It's these comments that make people want to keep working on, thanks squishy!
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Narrated FPV 2