Nine Eagles Sky Climber Review

by RCTV-UK (Formerly Silly Fokker RC) | May 15, 2013 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Hi all

Malc here from Silly Fokker RC....

In the video below we take a look at the Nine Eagles Sky climber. Our friend "Lucky John" (chopped his thumb off completely when working on an RC model in his shed, then could not find it until weeks later he was looking through boxes on his shelf for something and there it was) I digress...... 

Lucky John had brought this model from his local hobby store and was telling us about it on our Facebook page.

Keen to see it fly we chucked the camera in the car and met him and two of the other silly fokkers at our flying field. As maidens go I would say that this one was about as uneventful as any I have ever seen. The model flew brilliantly on the default set up and quickly became a favourite among the silly fokkers. I brought one the next day and still have it to this day. In fact I have just started a project turning it in to a night flyer, I have actually renamed it the "Night Climber". It is a great flying model, very easy to put together, very easy to set up and all bar needing a little more umph I would go as far as to say that Nine Eagles hit the nail on the head with this design.

Here is the video of the maiden and our thoughts of it's first day with the Silly Fokkers.


If you missed the 1st instalment of the Night Climber you can find it here


Well that's it for this one guys I hope you like the video. If you're looking for a nice wafty glider that is capable of some mild aerobatics and a bit of thermaling then this is well worth a look.

Gliders not your thing? Like something a little faster?

Look out for my review of the Axion Laser Arrow coming soon!


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ATB Malc

Silly Fokker RC


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Nine Eagles Sky Climber Review