Parkzone Radian Review

by MralexFpv | May 17, 2014 | (0) Posted in Reviews



The radian is another great plane manufactured by parkzone that offers pilots of all skill levels the intro to learning how to fly gliders, but yet giving them the security of knowing that if in any trouble, they can power out with the powerfull 480 size motor in the front, yet pull the power back, enabiling the prop to fold back and create less drag on the airframe, which increases the glide times of the sailplane.


The sailplane is simply a must have for anyone who flys alot of parkzone airplanes. Not only does the sailplane look great, but it also performes incredibly.

With a wingspan of over 78 inches, you would think that a plane this big would need just tons of power to get it threw the air, but no this plane, because it weighs only 30 ounces! That is all ready to go with a 1300 mh battery installed in the plane. Also, the 480 outrunner motor in the front enables the plane to go virtually vertical threw the air! There is a 30 amp speed controller in the plane which follows up to only two servoes because its a 3ch, and a ar400 spektrum reciever,( if you get the rtf ).

One other thing to mention, is that the radian can do some simply aerobatic manuevers, such as loops, wing-overs, and barrel rolls,( NOT ALERION ROLLS! ).

How would I recomend this plane to? Well anyone who is a begginer to an advanced pilot. However, I would not recomend it to someone who either has never flown a plane before, or anyone who likes flying 3d aerobatic planes. But to the average sport pilot, this airplane would be a great edition to their fleet.


Thanks so much for checking out my article! Be sure to check out my youtube channel called Mralex10733 to check out more reviews coming soon. Thank you flitetest for inspiring me to make these reviews so hopefully, anyone interesting in getting a plane that I review will have the knowledge they need about the airplane to make the right choice.


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Parkzone Radian Review