ParkZone Sport Cub

by FliteTest | October 6, 2014 | (17) Posted in Reviews

The ParkZone Sport Cub S2 is a park flyer design inspired from the Piper Super Cub. 

The Sport Cub is constructed of durable, lightweight  Z-Foam.

Some of the Super Cub's features include: oversized tundra tires and leading edge vortex generators.

The Super Cub is pretty much a shrunk-down version of the Carbon-Z Cub.

Peter, Alex, and Josh each take turns flying and giving their review of the park flyer.

The Sport Cub has an easy access, large battery compartment that allows for larger sized batteries.

We customized our Sport Cub with an XT60 connection.

Here's some still shots from this episode:

More details about the ParkZone Sport Cub S2 available here: 

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Captain T on October 6, 2014
Awesome review.
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brettp2004 on October 6, 2014
I'm glad you guys did a review on this. I was planning on picking one up soon. I'm glad to know its Flite Test approved!
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MT Alex on October 6, 2014
Great episode and review!
For the love of all that is Holy, someone please smash Alex's sunglasses into thousands of pieces.
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AkimboGlueGuns on October 7, 2014
Awesome! Nice to see peter talking more.
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Mich on October 7, 2014
Great review!
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sdf_beanhead on October 8, 2014
Have been looking at getting this one. Thanks for the review! Think my son and I will sneak off and pick one up lol
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Ano Pilot on October 8, 2014
Excellent review, really excellent. Two thoughts: I have a Super Cub LP/S ie. with an accessory AS3X S receiver, it is absolutely BRILLIANT and I was flying it the other day in 10-15mph wind, it was virtually vtol and SO EASY and relaxing. Other thought, how would the Fun Cub compare to say a Flyzone Beaver with an AS3X receiver? because I have been thinking that might be an ideal setup.
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Ano Pilot on October 8, 2014
Oh, and I so nearly bought one of these but ended up spending that particular lump of money on the Sukhoi 29mm: wow! Still tempted though.
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m2dpost on October 15, 2014
I've been looking for something to do a glider tow of the Parkzone Ka8. I was leaning towards the Carbon Z Cub but now you have me intrigued with the gentler characteristics of this cub. Any thoughts on if it has the power to pull off the Ka8 glider tow mission?
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ChopperChopper on December 4, 2014
Thanks guys : "I'd buy this over the Carbon Cub" ... "better than the Carbon Cub." That's what we want to know. I fly 450 and 700 helis so got lots of 3S 2200 and 6S 5000 batteries, so I really appreciate that you show the battery compartments and suggest what might fit alternate to standard. Also, I know how much better a big heli can be, so took particular notice of your comments that bigger isn't always better in airplanes - they have their own problems to consider.
Also, I notice a lot of forum writers take the Spektrum AS3SX receivers out of these models (presumably when written off) to re-use in other aircraft. Unlike the Parkzone Sukoi (which has a LOCKED AR636SU) the manual for this plane claims it has a standard AR636 that can be reprogrammed with the correct lead. Since a retail AR636 is half the price of this entire airplane it is really good value. Gonna get me one. Thanks again, and also for all 8 video reviews of other choices that I've used to reach this conclusion.
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GlueTapeNFly on December 29, 2014
I got this plane for Christmas and it flies so well! I was even able to get 30 minutes of flight out of a 2200mah battery by going easy on the throttle. All in all this is an amazing airplane, and I highly recommend it!
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Dugstur on March 7, 2015
Standard AR636 - not so according to Horizon support. Its permanently flashed for the Sport Cub and is not programmable.
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ChopperChopper on April 8, 2015
That is incorrect. I bought one Dec 2014. When you register the receiver with the Spektrum Community, it then offers you an update. After the update is installed, then you can plug and program the Sport Cub AR636 using the dinky little Spektrum App. I have changed the program in my sport Cub successfully, using an iPad. Suggestion: make a backup copy before you go playing!! I also bought a retail AR636 (to get the required PC/Audio leads) and it looks and programs in an identical manner. They are, as stated on Parkzone website, identical receivers. Note that the AR636SU in the Sukhoi is NOT the same programmable receiver, possibly because it has SAFE and not just AS3X (but that is just my guess). A pity they bury this information so deep...
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Ryan_D on July 15, 2015
I would add that the landing gear is a bit on the soft side, the tires are harder than the back of my head and bounce like ping pong balls on hard surface landings (amplifying the weak landing gear, even breaking the gear covers without actually crashing). a set of dubro low bounce are mandatory if your landing on anything other than grass. Other than that I freaking love it.

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ParkZone Sport Cub