Pecan Patch FPV Fly In 2013 Featurette

by StoneBlueAirlines | August 20, 2013 | (14) Posted in Just Fun

So here we are Bondjr. iBcrazy & VanGo all piled into a van with enough planes to outfit at least 20 men.

Our destination the 3rd Annual FPV fly in at the Pecan Patch.

We had one heck of a time. Not only did we have a great time flying but I had a great time filming some of the action as well as meeting some new FPV friends and fellow youtube followers.

We just about did it all in this video so make sure to check out the whole episode as you see footage from the whole gang.

Plus we meet up with a new guy a friend of Alex know as Mashton who joined our team for the weekend.

It was so much fun all flying formation together, cloud surfing and just generally goofing off as much as we could by flying low and shooting gaps as much as possible.

Its great to come to a place that encourages having some fun in the FPV hobby.

Plus how cool was it to fly with full scale aircraft. Mark thanks for hosting such a fun event.

As I close this just wanted to say it was a great time flying with my fellow FPV buddies.
Thanks to iBcrazy, VanGo & Mashton for there help with some of the additional footage i used to cut this episode.

Here is to two weeks of editing work and almost two hours of footage to sift through I hope you enjoy.

I Bondjr am thinking about hosting a East Cost FPV fly based in central VA if you like that idea message me your interest. Just something I am working on at the moment. It would be a limited number of pilots invited to fly to keep as many people flying all day long.

Ok, stop reading now and go enjoy the show.

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Hasersys on August 20, 2013
Man that looked like a lot of fun. I noticed Ibcrazy had a tale of the dragon shirt, I just rode 129 last month. It is such an awesome ride. I am thinking of making a fpv back pack and foldable quad for transport by motorcycle.
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StoneBlueAirlines on August 21, 2013
It was fun.
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sailorJohn on August 25, 2013
A drone chasing a manned aircraft.
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StoneBlueAirlines on August 26, 2013
RC plane following a real plane was fun. Pilots wanted us to do it so fun and cool.
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Ryan_Crain on September 11, 2013
Nice Video Guys I Am Really Thinking About Buying A FPV System Now
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StoneBlueAirlines on September 12, 2013
If you want some help I can get you the specter or a fpv kit all tested and ready to instal when your ready.
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Pecan Patch FPV Fly In 2013 Featurette