FTP: Tom Stanton, 3D Printing and Air Engines

by FliteTest | October 16, 2018 | (5) Posted in Podcasts

YouTube engineer Tom Stanton joins James for the Flite Test Podcast this week to talk about epic projects and studying aerospace!

Tom's channel is crammed full of great projects ranging from VTOL aircraft to mighty wooden trebuchets. On this edition of the podcast, you can expect to hear about many of these experiments along with what it's like to be an engineering student.

Meet Tom Stanton

Tom has been part of the Flite Test community for a good number of years now. Starting with his VTOL projects, he's been posting articles right here on flitetest.com since 2014. You may have seen Tom on YouTube with his electric bikes, VTOL rockets and air engines

Compressed Air Engines

Using advanced 3D printing techniques and ABS acetone smoothing, Tom has created a series of experimental air engines powered by bottles of compressed air. You can read more about this here or watch the video down below. 

Thrust Vectoring RC Jet

Also mentioned in the podcast was this aircraft that used motors instead of canards to create some pretty wild flight characteristics. This was actually a collaboration between myself and Tom, so I'm quite familiar with this one! Here's more infoand Tom's videobelow. 

Tom's latest 3D printed airplane

If you'd like to learn how to design and print your own RC airplanes - good news! Here's a guide that Tom made. This particular fuselage pod will be used on a future VTOL, so make sure to check back on the channel for that appearing in the near future. 

Next week on the podcast we shall be talking with Terry Dunn about NASA, experimental RC aircraft and more. Make sure to tune in again in two weeks time to listen to that podcast. 


Tom Stanton on YouTube

More about Tom's air engines

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: james@flitetest.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/projectairaviation


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FTP: Tom Stanton, 3D Printing and Air Engines