Protech Wolverine Maiden

by MESA RC | June 14, 2013 | (14) Posted in Projects


To the FliteTest Community:

The wind has been persistent, and we have been waiting too long to fly the Protech Wolverine, with only one week of school left we just had to bring out the beast. As you can see in the first maiden it did not go so well, not knowing how it would perform, the plane was very touchy and I crashed it right into the track.  After taking it back to the students to fix we brought it back out again, tone down the control throws, and the plane flew great, flew heavy, but flew great. Overall it was a great experience for us and the plane brought a lot of attention to our program.  We would like to thank the Protech team for sponsoring this episode and the program, please visit their website and check them out.


For more information about the MESArcFF program please visit us at: 


For more information about the Protech Group please visit at:


Thank you,

Jake Marshall

MESArcFF Director


MESArcFF Productions:

Camera: Harrison

Editing: Zac and Joey

Director: Marshall



The crew joining in on the Protech Wolverine Conversation.


Servo and linkage on the main wings.


The power system was setup up the same as the previous MF-1 Wolverine with the addition of a 4cell lipo.


Protech Carbon fiber was used in the Harrison "Wolf Spider" FPV platform.


Protech Carbon Fiber was used on the "Big Bertha" Project.


The epic track crash pic of the Protech Wolverine.


The damage, easy fix for the students.


Back together, let's try it again!


It flies, the carbon fiber plane really flies!


Posing with the Plane, thanks Protech!


FLYitRC on June 15, 2013
WOW looks GREAT! FLIES GREAT! I would say you've done something no One else has done Mesa RCFF boys! Great job!
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jgupton on June 15, 2013
Nice one Jake and crew! Hope you have an excellent summer vacation.

Best Regards

OC MesaRCFoamFighters
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OutcastZeroOne on June 15, 2013
awesome! I wish I had a class like this back in school! keep up the good work!
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gr1999 on June 16, 2013
WOW! I wish I had enough money to do something like that....
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mikicad67 on June 18, 2013
WOW! The design gives me a pdf?
thanks you
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Protech Wolverine Maiden