Raptor Prototype

by IC Aeronautics | June 8, 2019 | (3) Posted in Projects

To the Flite Test Community,

Senior IC Aeronautics Engineering student Eduardo, looking to pursue CSU next year to study mechanical engineering, has been working hard to complete a build before leaving for the summer and college.  After a couple of months of conceptual through preliminary design work, he finally had an aircraft that we can try and fly. It proved to be a tough one to crack at first, but after some trial and error we finally got his plane up in the air and representing the real F22 Raptor.  Over the past couple of weeks Eduardo has completed the build video for the aircraft and has a very good Detailed Design ready to share with the community.  He is very excited to leave an impact on the Innovation Center Aeronautics program in creating an aircraft that will forever be in our fleet of student designs, but also to share an aircraft with those interested around the globe.  Look for his crazy final maiden and build video in the coming weeks!

For more information about the SVVSD Innovation Center:  http://innovation.svvsd.org/ 

Showing off the bulkheads!

Eduardo talking about the changes made

Cameron capturing some awesome footage

Build video is complete, these planes look awesome.

The plan maiden video is going to be epic and it involves an 8' Avengers Bad guy Q-Ship!

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos and watch at: https://www.youtube.com/c/ICAeronautics 


Kletus on June 19, 2019
Sharp design. I want the build plans, please?
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MiniacRC on June 27, 2019
The moment it finally broke through and flew off, and the kids' reactions were amazing!
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Raptor Prototype