Reaction to RoadRunner Episode, RC Gas Life

by IvanBucker | May 28, 2013 | (4) Posted in Reviews

Greetings to Flitetest and others reading this article from the Czech Republic, home to many modelers and companies producing RC Goods sold worldwide!

This article is a reaction to the RoadRunner episode posted recently.

I started with RC when I was 9, inspired by a bunch of RC Guys i saw flying in a field. I worked my way through a 2 channel motor glider to a 4 channel EPP aerobatic trainer, going on to a size 40 nitro trainer and hanging around that level for a few years.

Then in 2009, I found, through some relatives, an old rc aerobatic pilot pro, who sadly had to end with the hobby due to his age. He gave me the plane displayed below, in a state of, well - garbage can. Blown of nose including wing tube mounts and the core of the right wing gone. In one summer, I rebuilt tha plane and flew it the following autumn.

Here is a picture of the plane in rebuilding stage, summer 2009.

And the video of the maiden:

As you can see, the plane was very imperfect on the maiden. I started with gas on my own initiatieve, and still, a lot of experience with glow engines did not help me. The engine, a cheap DLA 56 is sputtering and seems unreliable. Yep - its call unexperinced.

I jumped from a .40 glow to a 56cc gasser? Maybe big jump for some, but dont be affraid. I managed just fine, with the awesome amount of help from my mates that had alreaady been flying gas before. Now, just in a few years, i am learning precise pattern flying and can be proud to say to have excelled many club pilots in flying skill. Along with that,  I am now able to build and setup a reliable gasser with minimal faults.

My views on gas?

Totally worth it!!!!!!! With my first flight with a large plane, i immediately got hooked onto it. Within a few months, i got rid of most my EPP planes and set up my workshop for BIG scale. The flying experience is much more awesome with BIG and HEAVY planes. Also, the mess and engine tweaking isn't as bad as with glow. Once you get a gasser set, all you need to do or flying is fill the tank and charge the batteries. No other messing about. 

My current project is a scratch build Katana, 230cm wingspan, again 50 - 60cc gas power. As one of few nowadays, especially at my age of 16 years, the plane is fully built of spruce, lite ply, a bit of balsa and home made fiberglass components.

More pictures from the build are here:

The Roadrunner Episode

To be honest, i had already given up on hoping Flitetest would make an episode with gas, because even the episode eith the glow powered Mustang was pretty broad for Flitetest standards and both Josh's showed little enthusiasm. 

When I watched the episode, I was very surprised to see awesome behind the scenes footage around setting up the plane, some discussion about the engine function etc. This new filming concept is in my view very good for introducing videos to a series of tutorials about gas power, which i bet the community interested in gas would largely appreciate. After looking through Josh Bixe's rcgroups build log of the giant Slow Poke and other posts, I think he is more than capable of sharing his knowledge. 


I hope this short article about gas power over all, my gas planes and my view on Flitetest was atleast a little productive. If interest on gas planes and wood plane building techniques is shown in the comments, I can try to make vidoes and articles with some tips and trick I use. Still, I have school, my modeling time is very restricted. Over the summer I can try film some footage and tips and release them throughout the year.

Thanks a lot Flitetest! Keep up the Gas! :D


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Reaction to RoadRunner Episode, RC Gas Life