Scratch build Mini Easy Trainer

by Amit RC | September 25, 2018 | (5) Posted in Projects


Before proceeding further, I would request you friends to watch the build video & please subscribe to my channel as it motivates me a lot.

The parts list can be found in the Video Description.

Also all of you can find something familiar at 5.22 of this video...)

Now Lets begin with this article -

This is my new scratch build & I call it as ME Trainer. M for Mini & E for Easy.

My goal was to build a slow,trainer type, mini  & easy to fly plane for myself considering my beginner level flying skills.

But these were the challenges I had in front of me while designing this plane -

1 As Local laws for RC Model Flying here only allows under 250 grams, it had to be under 250 grams all up weight.

2  I only had a mini motor & 7x3.5 prop & 2 cell lipo which only produced about 150-160 grams of thrust.

3  There were no control horn, music wire or push rods available to me.

4 The foamboard I had was heavy as compared to Flitetest foamboards or dollar tree foamboard.

So I designed this plane & build from scratch.

For wing & airfoil design, I choose Under cambered airfoil as its easy to build, great for slow speed & gives a lot of lift at slow speed.

So I used Flitetest method for making this wing as shown in the mini series. So the wing was very easy to build. 

As the Foamboard was heavy, I choose a piece of 1 inch Insulation foam as the fuselage. So Fuselage is very light weight.

Next I bring out my innovation & used threads,  servo arms as control horns & made a PULL PULL system for moving control surfaces.

Then made Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizer with Elevator,Rudder with Foamboard.

My ME trainer is ready for the maiden flight.

Final specification of this are as follows - 

Total All up Weight -  220 grams with 2s 1000 mah Lipo

Wingspan -  30 inches

Wing Chord - 5 inches

Length of Fuselage -  22 inches

Keep Flying..)


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Scratch build Mini Easy Trainer