Scratch Built Brushless Gimbal

by KMD | June 24, 2015 | (5) Posted in Projects

I have been using a standard Goodluckbuy GoPro gimbal on my multi-rotors for a while now and I wanted to upscale it slightly to allow me to use my Cannon Powershot cameras to see if the video was any good and to also take some good stills.

[Spoiler Alert] My ELPH 300s is useless for video :(, the optics are fantastic with a really wide angle but none of the distortion you get from a GoPro but the framerate is 24fps for 1080 and not much better for 720. It takes fantastic stills though!!

So anyway, I was let lose with solidworks for a while and came up with this:

The motors are 2804-210Kv Brushless Gimbal Motors from Hobbyking, the rest is 10mm aluminium box, 2mm glass fibre plate and m3 hex nuts/bolts.

So I fired up my CNC router and threw a sheet of 2mm glass fibre plate.

And the finished result attached to my FPV quad (article to follow):




It works really well for both the Cannon and GoPro but a little more tuning is needed. 



Corsair2014 on June 26, 2015
Very nice build! Did you do any kind of vibration dampening mount for it? Curious as to how you implemented that with the forward mount the way you have it
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KMD on June 27, 2015

There's no dampening at all on this copter. The roll motor s mounted on an aluminium L bracket (actually a cut down piece of landing gear from a fixed wing bent 90 degrees). I had intended to make a U shaped bracket and bolt it to the top and bottom plates of the frame but it broke :)

There is quite a it of flex in it, especially now a heavier gimbal is on it and (touch wood) I haven't had any rolling shutter issues @60fps with the GoPro or 30fps with the cannon.
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markyoe on July 31, 2015
Great job on the build! I have a servo driven one with the servos plugged into the 7 and 8 motor pins on my KK2. Can I plug brushless motors into the kk or do I need a controller for the gimbal? Thanks!
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danallen82 on June 26, 2015
Cool, it's versatile! Although it looks rather heavy with all the M3 bolts. I often find that the extra joint for the pitch is unnecessary for sub 120g cameras. I'm surprised no one uses aluminum brazing methods to wield the arms. It would be a clean lightweight build. Either way, props for the custom gimbal.
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KMD on June 26, 2015
Thanks man! Your right it is a ltitle heavy, I have already removed most of the bolts as they were overkill.

It really does need the second bearing joint when it's carrying the Cannon but would be fine for the GoPro

I'm no good at welding/brazing but it would make sense.
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Scratch Built Brushless Gimbal