Some sweet video from AMI

by flyingAce | October 13, 2013 | (6) Posted in Projects

This reel is a compilation of several projects over the last few months. It all started from David's Tricopter, and ended up with DJI's S800 Hex. My partner and I went through a lot of vibration issues and minor tweeks on the radio equipment and balancing the gimbal. I think we are getting closer to the best possible video image, just not sure if it will ever be perfect.

This clip is actually incomplete. We are adding things to it as time goes by, but the final subject will be a big suprise, and will finally cap the whole project to completion.

Final Cut Pro is the editing software used, and it allows us to quickly and easily upload to the appropriate site. Imovie works just as well falling a little short in the handy features FCP has.

Future projects are Catalina Island, Queen Mary, Long Beach, Hearst Castle, and several other personal projects coming soon that will be used for promotion.


Johan on October 18, 2013
Very node, I like the tranquil style !
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Johan on October 20, 2013
node? I don't know what I was thinking, probably in programming mode ......

Very Nice!
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flyingAce on October 20, 2013
After looking up the word "node", I figured it out. Thanks!

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Corsair2014 on October 18, 2013
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28th St. Air on October 19, 2013
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mike329 on October 29, 2013
What is that sound track ??
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flyingAce on November 3, 2013
Lisa Gerrard
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poceyjp1 on November 6, 2013
very nice
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docmetal on November 14, 2013
I think You have it perfected .
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Some sweet video from AMI