Speedy Versa Wing - Project

by JamesWhomsley | June 7, 2014 | (8) Posted in Projects

The Versa Wing is one awesome aircraft. The ability to make a very fast flying wing attracted my attention over the past few weeks, and so I decided to build one. This is that journey:

The Build:

The constuction process was pretty much the same as every other build of the Versa out there at the moment. I chose to keep it being a traditional "pointy nose" design, instead of the blunt nose version, because of the intention to make a simple tractor style motor configeration.

My Personal Setup:

The batterys came from www.hobbyking.com, but the rest of the electronics came from http://www.brchobbies.co.uk, a UK distributor. Im sure you can get a similar motor from Hobbyking though, as they have everything on their website!

  • 2200 MaH battery
  • 1200 Kv motor 
  • 20 Amp speed contoller
  • Spektrum Radio gear
  • 2x 9g servos.

Here is the first half of the wing complete, with the powerpod.

I roped my buddy Phil in to cut out the winglets and some other peices which was good. It meant I didnt have to do all of the work myself! I've got this figured out well. 

The finished Versa Wing (without any decoration).

The First Flights

Unfortunatly, after arround 20 awesome minutes in the air, the first flight ended in disaster as I lost control of one of the elevons, sending it into a nose dive to the ground. I was on my own, so I have no footage of the crash or any of the first flight (sorry).

This was the aftermath:

It could have been worse.

Turns out Bixler's design is quite good at taking 40mph hits to the nose. The cause of the crash was down to the pushrods flexing under high loads from the turns I was making. Eventually I did a slight dive and picked up so much speed I couldent pull out as I was still accelerating. It made quite a "whack" I can tell you!

Here is how I fixed it:

Firstly I sat down with a cup of tea and calmed down after the adrenalin rush. I then decrumpled the nose and rebuilt the powerpod from scratch.

Then I added some decoration to make the white plane easier to see against the overcast British sky. 

I Slapped some Hot Rod red in there to discuise the unsightly wrinkles from the crash and then it was ready to fly again.

Testing the Rebuilt Versa Wing

I had a few more annoying problems with the powerpod, and how it was attatched, after some incidents involving the powerpod braking off everytime. In the end I just went ahead and glued it on there with much frustration. I havent had a problem since. 

I finally managed to put an edit together, so I hope you enjoy it.  

Here are some of the best photo's I got of the plane in flight:

To sum up, I really like this Wing. I have only built and flown a few planes before, but this design is so easy to build and fly and you can customise it to whatever setup you want. Even with a fast set up, if you keep your hands steddy and know what you're doing, then you'll be fine. You can always fly with hardly any throttle and just cruise arround getting about a half our flight out of the thing - The flight envelope is exeptionally good. 

Hopefully I'll be coming allong to the Europe meetup in a couple of weeks to meet all of you wonderful people, however, Im not sure that this thing is gonna fit in my hand luggage! Looking forward to it all the same. 

Thank you Josh Bixler and team Flitetest. :)


GB-air on June 14, 2014
Nice photography! I like the simple but beautiful paint scheme.
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JamesWhomsley on June 14, 2014
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1959cutter on June 14, 2014
there seems to be a lot of jet traffic in your neighborhood.
great build and save on the maiden launch!
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JamesWhomsley on June 14, 2014
Haha thanks! Yeah, the jets all land and take off from an airport about 20 miles away.
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scottie on June 15, 2014
Hiya mate :)
Nice article , its about time you appeared on the main site,you always seem too be bouncing around on the forums :P
Keep the articles coming man,I just happen to know you've got a few more projects on the go other than this ;)...... no pressure tho :P
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JamesWhomsley on June 15, 2014
Haha cheers mate! I had some trouble getting the article published due to the Flite Test website making it not show up to the moderators. An email fixed that though, so yeah, you should see me round here with those latest projects you know about soon enough :P

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FlyingSloth on June 15, 2014
A little tip for your first flight disaster. Pulling up is more important than pushing down, so having your servos top mounted would mean they're pulling up rather than pushing.

Building it this way probably would have prevented the crash.

Something to consider :)
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JamesWhomsley on June 15, 2014
Fair point! Thanks for the feedback. :)
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Fearless FPV on February 10, 2016
Now make the most efficient Versa Wing that's possible...

Nice work!
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Speedy Versa Wing - Project