Spektrum and California Dreaming(#FFW17) | FTP 155

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Flite Fest West

Friends, Flite Fest West (#FFW17) is in TWO weeks. Our very first west event will be held at the Solano Valley Fairgrounds in Vallejo, California. Join us Thursday, April 27, through Sunday, April 30! 

Join us for four days of RC plane and multirotor building and flying in a family-friendly environment!

Register here:


Spektrum Partnership


You may have heard that we have the awesome opportunity to team up with Spektrum, which will in turn provide the Flite Test community with ways to grow in the RC hobby through innovative technology. Stay tuned for even more exciting content! 


Community Showcase


Have you seen this Mini Speedster Bi-Plane yet? Forum member, flyin201, has made some mods on this mini but mighty plane and now it is flying significantly better, which allows for acrobatic maneuvers. Here’s the current specs and keep your eyes peeled for plans in the future! 

  • The final project has a wingspan of 24” with a chord of 4”.
  • The fuselage is a total of 3” longer than the Mini Speedster—2” longer in the tail and 1” longer in the nose.
  • It now has ailerons on all four wings.
  • The bottom wing has a 0 degree incidence while the top wing has 2 degrees positive incidence.
  • Larger tail section.


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airtist on April 14, 2017
Cant wait to see the plans for that speedster biplane!!
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chris.jammer on April 15, 2017
I love the pod cast , I have a statement for josh bixler before my dad died last year he used to build and fly planes with his dad ,well my dad didn't get to finish his folk wolf f190 so I'm in the process of finishing it for him , so I want to know if you would build one out of foam board and have them in a speed build kit for the flite test its a war bird , chbenjam@yahoo.com
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Madison123ivy on April 15, 2017
The models are awesome. Can't wait to see the plans for that speedster biplane!! web hosting dollar one

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steve7876 on August 2, 2017
Its my dream too and i waiting your full project
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Spektrum and California Dreaming(#FFW17) | FTP 155