Superb, cheap and dead simple prop balancer

by Geinstein | August 16, 2013 | (18) Posted in Tips

Sometimes an idea is so simple, that you have to share it.

I tried different propbalancers over hte years, but was never satisfied. After some reading on the internet, I put some ideas together.

Start with the following: 2 simple steel book supports (few bucks new, or $1 used)

Four neodymium / rare earth magnets ($3 for 10 magnets; the other ones you can use in canopy's)

Simplest prop balancer ($1,50 HK

Put 2 magnets on either book support.

Put something heavy (like books) on the book supports.

Put the prop balancer between the magnets.

Push the book supports futher away from each other, so the prop balancer only touches one set of magnets.

I'm not gonna tell you how to balance a prop. There are a lot of goods how-to's.

To prove my point that this thing rocks: a video of a "perfectly balanced" prop, that was balanced on a $11 balancer from HK


tophe75 on August 16, 2013
The best ideas are the simple once, I will start using this right now!
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suspect on August 16, 2013
Interesting but your video is "private".

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Geinstein on August 16, 2013
Thanks for the comment. Changed "Private" into "hidden" (link-owners can view)
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kah00na on August 19, 2013
100% awesome idea. I bought that same cheap balancer and haven't had good luck with it. I'm going to try this. Thanks for the great idea!
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Geinstein on August 19, 2013
you're welcome
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jhitesma on August 19, 2013
I bought the same cheap balancer planning on doing the same kind of thing...but didn't think to use those book supports - I planned on just using some bits of scrap I had laying around.

But - I'd suggest picking up 2-3 balancers so you have a better chance of getting one good one. The one I got the threads on the shaft are messed up so it's really hard to get the nut pieces on and off, and the ends on mine are squared off so it doesn't "float" well. I figure I can fix that using my drill like a lathe and a bit of work with a file. But still for <$2 you definitely get what you pay for on those cheap balancers and are taking a bit of a gamble. I figured as much so I'm not upset with my purchase but it's probably worth warning others about.
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Geinstein on August 19, 2013
Or you could buy a good one (for about $4-5 from your local store. Help the local economy and check the merchandise before you buy. Might be cheaper than 2-3 new ones from HK. But thanks for the warning.
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Superb, cheap and dead simple prop balancer