Sweep Wings Juggernaut Build & Review

by StoneBlueAirlines | June 26, 2013 | (9) Posted in Reviews

In this video I test out a brand new hand cut wing from SweepWings called the Juggernaut. It is a 48 inch FPV wing. By fpv wing standards it is a smaller wing but has a great profile for holding lots of gear and batteries. I go over my personal build process and how i set up this wing. I am running 2x 3000 mah 30c batteries. This thing handles all that weight no problem. This is one solid wing. The hand cut sections are top notch and its boxed and packed well and arrived at my door with out an issue. After the build i had it in the air on the first toss now that is a nice thing to have happen with a wing. I have not set up my gopro yet on this wing but it has the space. On the second flight not seen in this video but coming up soon I push the limits with this wing and see what she can do. Stay tuned for more flight videos from this awesome wing from a great builder and company. If your looking for a fun fpv wing that flies and lands like a dream this is the wing for you.

Check out: TheJclone on youtube for flight video and build videos on this wing.

And SweepWings on Facebook.


If you decide to pick up a wing let me know would love to hear your thoughts on this wing as well. Ok off to fly the jug its great weather and I see clouds.

Jeremiah aka Bondjr.