Taranis Radio & 5.8ghz div RX FPV Monitor

by RCSchim | February 12, 2014 | (8 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

I was really happy when I found out that finally there's an really easy way to have a Longrange Radio! The ImmersionRC ezUHF JR Module. After a short search I came to the FrSky Taranis as the "carrier" for this UHF module. The Taranis is out know for at least 6month - and it works well it seems.
Lots of nice features (like telemetry, voiceout, open softer,...).
Second great device is a Diversity 5.8ghz TFT Monitor. Bright, with sunshade and two high quality RX built in a really small device!

Video is long - so here a short index:
0:58 Taranis & ezUHF Module
2:47 "Unboxing" Taranis Radio
9:13 Taranis Receiver X8r
10:26 ezUHF Receiver
14:32 Tip for battery charging mod
17:49 Tip: bypass for internal charger!!!
20:14 TFT Monitor 5.8ghz
23:26 Tip: long hold + for zoom in!


PaladinDG on February 12, 2014
Thank you for the thorough review of the Taranis... I had been looking at these, but have been undecided, this really helped me to see that this would be a good choice for my next Tx. I also enjoyed seeing your FPV setup.
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RCSchim on February 12, 2014
Thanks, glad you liked it. I also didn't realize the potential of the Taranis until I stumbeled over it (because of the ezUHF module...)
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catapultcat on February 12, 2014
Enjoyed your review of the Taranis and the ezUHF Module. Your battery charging mod was interesting as well as the TFT monitor set-up. Thank you!
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ghostrider03z on February 14, 2014
Some people may complain about how long this video is, but if someone wants to learn all about this radio, a longer video like this is so helpful, you cover everything you need to know about this radio.
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ttprigg on February 16, 2014
Great job. Thanks for a very thorough and informative review. I am using the Turnigy 9xr re-flashed with OpenTX with a FRSky module. I am pleased with that system for my skill level at the moment but the Taranis looks very solid.
I have not yet made the step into FPV but I look forward to seeing your videos with these new toys. When I see what you and others are able to do, I am inspired and intrigued.
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Christian Jeppesen on February 18, 2014
I have the Futaba T8FGs, its a brilliant system but its very pricey. If I had known about the Taranis Transmitter when I was looking for a TX, think i would have bought this one instead I think.

Great review, its nice to see/hear that a little German accent does not scare people away from seeing the full video :) ( I'm Danish so I know that its extra hard for us Non-natives to make good long video without getting jammed up in trying to remember a specific word or phrase. )

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RCSchim on February 18, 2014
thanks for the nice comment. you don't know how much cut's I had here to delete all my stuttering and searching of vocabulary ;-)
but I like the idea that 90% or more of my viewers would understand this - and I just don't have the time to do such videos in different languages...

Taranis is great. Still don't have much experience in the air with it - but last weekend I had 6 flights with the Discovery with it. Really nice to see RSSI signal strength on the telemetry and have the minute countdown tell me about the remaining time!
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MT Alex on May 2, 2014
Thanks for the great review, it was very well done and helped reduce any anxieties about purchasing my own. I'm loving mine, as well.
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