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The most common question that I hear by far about the FT STEM curriculum is how do I get started? I do not have any idea about flight or RC flight in particular.  Other questions that I tend to get a lot of is we do not have a lot of funds to spend on a new curriculum and how do I get funding.  

Well I would love to explain how to get started, and to answer some of those questions. 

First we must discuss what is the FT STEM curriculum? 

"The FT STEM curriculum is a comprehensive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education program for grades K–12. The curriculum develops STEM skills through a variety of fun, hands-on scratch build aircraft activities."

This curriculum can be adapted for a yearlong schedule or a semester schedule.  It really depends on how much time you have in your school year.

Some or many of you might be thinking why would I chose to include another curriculum in my classroom, when my school district has put an added emphasis into state-wide testing.  I do not have the time, nor the energy to test out another curriculum.  Well the good news about that is every single day students are using advanced mathematics and literature to create projects by reading high level research articles.  This has caused many improvements in state-wide testing scores, and overall better grades across the main subject areas.  

Instead of many robotics programs, the projects you create can be taken home to show off to your family, and or to be used again. 

Also are curriculum addresses the following National Standard Groups of STEM: 

• Next Generation Science Standards

• International Society for Technology in Education Standards

• Science and Engineering Standards of NSTA

• National Council of Teacher Mathematics Standards



Identify your curriculum! What FT STEM curriculum level that best suits your class. This does not necessarily mean what grades you are currently teaching. You are more than welcome to start at a lower grade level with low experiences with RC flight.  http://fliteteststem.com/curriculum.html



Planning for funding! Identify exactly what you will need based on the consumables and tools recommended for your grade level. The consumables can be found in the curriculum overview per grade level http://ftstem.com/support and please visit our store for pricing. 



Get Funding! Looking for resources to help fund your classroom? Check out our Tips on Grant Writing! http://fliteteststem.com/funding.html



Classroom organization: You received your FT consumables and now it is time to Flite Test your room. See a lesson example of Flite Testing your room here : http://ftstem.com/lessons/show/2

The attached video shows how are Top Flight School for 2016 MESArc out of Loveland, CO sets up their room



Getting your FT STEM classroom ready

1) First your new students need to create a new account at http://ftstem.com/sign-up

2.) Invite those students and assign them to a class within your teacher hangar. 

3.) The students accept your invitation on their end via email. 

Now you are ready to go, need to see a video for a tutorial? Click Here



Also if you have not heard already we have recently launched a Facebook Page that will answer many questions you may have going forward.  Feel free to post questions there and also to post pictures/ videos from your own classroom.  https://www.facebook.com/ftstem/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel


Mitchell Gray - FT STEM Advisor



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FT STEM Tutorial