The Latest Quadlugs

by MESA RC | September 27, 2014 | (7) Posted in Reviews


To The FliteTest Community:

The MESArcFF crew has been blessed with a great sponsor with Quadlugs the past two years, and honestly, they have a great product. It is simple, easy, durable, and just a whole lot of fun for the students. This year Danny, owner and creator of Quadlugs, sent a fleet of quadlug kits for the students.  He also goes as far as listening to our recommendations in design changes. We highly recommend going over to his site and checking it out, you might be surprised of what they have to offer.

Seen here is a simple setup, the arm mechanism allows for any angle desired which brings a lot of testing and tinkering for the best setup.


The FAB 5 girls had no problems building the quad, it was a great way to incorporate them into the program with a first project.


The coolest looking quad has to be the vtail, 7th grader Sean was able to figure the angular lugs for the back motors easily without any instruction or how to videos.


Susannah and Katelynn seen here learning the keys to flying a quad.


Evan, Ashton, and Tucker laughing and having fun trying to get the girls quad with their box quad.


On behalf of the MESArcFF program, thank you so much Quadlugs for making the multirotor experience possible for our students.


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superchamp123 on October 2, 2014
are you using auto-level on those quads?
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LordVader on September 27, 2014
The kids did a great job. I made a quad, but it still has yet to be maidened cause I can't get a handle on the KK.2 board. I will though, I will look at what you guys have done and go on from there. Great work, keep it up, all of you.:)
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The Latest Quadlugs