The New E-flite Cherokee - 1.3m Wingspan Model

by FliteTest | June 29, 2018 | (8) Posted in Reviews

E-Flite just released a true classic of the aviation world. How sweet does this look?

The Piper PA-28 Cherokee was first introduced way back in the 1960s. It soon proved to be a favorite with flight schools and individual owners alike due to its superb handling and smooth flight experience. Not only has E-Flite tried to capture the look of this well-loved little airplane, they've attempted to capture the spirit of it too. If you're looking for your next cruiser packed with tech and scale features, you may want to keep reading. 

E-Flite Cherokee 1.3m BNF Basic


This new E-Flite model is a scale replica of the original Cherokee, a legendary character from the world of general aviation. This one can handle either a 3s or 4s battery with its capable 50-amp ESC. If you get the Bind and Fly version, you'll also get a state-of-the-art Spektrum 6-channel receiver with DSMX technology. If you want to see how the plane performs with this setup, here's Horizon Hobby's video.

Like most of E-Flite's airplanes, the Cherokee comes with SAFE Select, a toggleable virtual safety net for your plane. If you don't know what this is exactly, the technology limits your bank and pitch angles. It also stops you rolling inverted and avoids the ground by setting a minimum altitude. It's great for beginners, or if you just want to hand over your model to someone else, it gives you the freedom to let someone else having a go without fear. 

There's also AS3X technology which really adds to the smoothness of your flight experience. Flaps are also included to slow you right down for a scale-looking approach and landing. On top of this, there's a large top hatch for access to all your vital electronics and battery. This has been designed to let you make quick battery swaps so you have the best experience possible. 


There's a whole bunch of scale detail on this aircraft. Panel lines, rivets, corrugated control surfaces, a pilot figure are just some of them. There's also a shock absorbent nose strut and big wheels for rough runways. 

To take the experience to the next level, there's even pre-installed LED nav lights, strobes, a beacon and landing lights. Imagine flying this in the evenings! Even if you don't usually go for general aviation aircraft, this one seems to tick a lot of boxes for most pilots out there. Make sure you check back to this article in the future. If we get the opportunity to, we will be sure to put this plane through its paces. 

If you want to see us put one of these planes to the test, let us know by leaving a comment!



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Jackson T on June 29, 2018
Please do a review of this plane. It looks awesome!
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Michaeljh115 on October 30, 2018
Please do a review of this plane!!
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gcok2010 on June 29, 2018
Great plane, I still have Parkzone Archer II that looks very similar, only it is a much smaller plane. Flys awesome after 5 years with all stock electronics and stock battery.
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The New E-flite Cherokee - 1.3m Wingspan Model