The Bixler

by FliteTest | June 1, 2011 | (16) Posted in Reviews

More details about the Bixler HERE!

This week the Joshes return, with the flight review we were denied last episode. Josh Bixler hand launches the Bixler plane, for a review flight from, wait, this has to be a typo, Josh Scott? Yes, Josh Scott takes the new Bixler plane for a spin and does a great job flying it from a beginner's perspective. 

Josh Bixler walks us through some of the main points of the plane while Josh S. concentrates on flying his circuits. A little disaster seemed eminent when it is accidentally flown into the sun's glare, tune in to see if a Bixler Plane Repair episode is in order.

Also, check out the NEW BIXLER 2 HERE!


iulian-black on October 31, 2012
I just bot one bixler, but it must arive in about 7 days, and I try to document more about it. Thanks flitetest for the review for bixler, and please if you notice mistakes, remember that I m a romanian children.
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Jim Fox on July 6, 2012
As a beginner I was looking for a starter plane. As a result of this and a couple of other Bixler videos on this website I ordered one from Hobby King. As expected, I smacked it into the ground a couple of times as I gained experience the hard way, but the Bixler is VERY easy to straighten and repair with some hot water, glue and tape. I feel ready to move up to another plane thanks to the experience gained from this forgiving trainer. I recommend it highly to people new to this fun hobby.
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House Of Noob on June 7, 2012
Got that plane on my wish list but I keep spending my money on HK parts for Chad and your scratch builds. Plus I still need a katana for that Angry Swordsman episode ...

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neff64 on July 29, 2016
Great looking airplane! I was a private pilot about 15 years ago, but took my first rc flight last night on the buddy system with a new flying friend's plane! Some of my flight knowledge transfers, but it is VERY different when the plane is facing me! Something I have to get used to.

I am on a limited budget, and hoping to find a used 4 or 6 Ch TX so I will have a decent TX as I progress from a trainer to more advanced RC A/C. Hoping to get in the air with my own plane soon.
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wanabeRCexpert on November 15, 2016
if you are new to the hobby you should try the DXE its a great and fairly inexpensive 6 channel radio. I think it is around 60$. Here is a link Hope this helps!
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The Bixler