This Community Member Built an XXL Soarer!

by FliteTest | January 18, 2019 | (3) Posted in Just Fun

On the Flite Test Community Spotlight this week, here's a huge FT Simple Soarer mod that raises the game. 

A few months back in 2018, FT Forum member Arcfyre built a Flite Test glider with a difference - and we wanted to share it.  

Remember the FT Simple Soarer? It's a great flying RC model that came out of theFlite Test glider challenge all the way back in 2013. This airplane is a great introduction to 2 channel gliding and can be converted to 3-channel with Power Pack B. It's still available as a kit on the Flite Test Store.

This modded Soarer simply has an extra section of wing in the middle. It also features a 10 x 6 folding prop to propel it up to altitude. 

"I built a simple soarer wing, but added a center section (white) to increase total wingspan to 90-inches". If you want to see how the plane flies, here's the maiden flight video. "There was a storm rolling in, and it was much windier than I would have liked for a maiden, but she flew! Very floaty, as expected. Very slow to answer the rudder, also expected. Looking forward to flying again when the weather is more cooperative."

Nice one Arcfyre! The plane looks like a superb flyer. You can read more about the entire project on the Flite Test Forum. 

Inspiring the next generation: a young aviator stands with his machine. If anything, this pic only serves to accentuate the size of this 90" monster of a glider!

If you have a project you're working on, make sure to share it with the community!


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NYCBobby on January 18, 2019
The Arcfyre looks majestic and graceful. I have a Gentle Lady and a Spectre (both 2 meters wing span) but the Arcfyre is 90" wow, I wish my ceiling had one more spot open so I could build this beauty. Great footage off the wing. Keep up the great work, I may build one and give it away...I want to see it fly that badly. I'm just a sucker for an electric glider but this one looks so awesome.
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This Community Member Built an XXL Soarer!