Introducing the Tiny Whoov!

by FliteTest | February 22, 2018 | (5) Posted in Reviews

The Tiny Whoov is here and it's making quite a stir in Flite Test HQ! Like mice, they keep zipping about under everyone's feet. Powered by the same setup as a Tiny Whoop, one of our favourite micro quads, the Whoov uses two motors facing downwards to create a cushion of air beneath the machine. It's a mini hovercraft! 

You can either 3D print or use foam board to make the hull. The foam board can be sandwiched together around the electronics. There are cutouts for your battery, micro FPV cam and motors. 

The design was originally devised by one of our community members Alex Desvignes. He thought the powerful electronics found in a Blade Inductrix or Tiny Whoop could be repurposed to make a fun little hovercraft. He was very right.


If you want to make a Whoov of your own, check out the build video we made. All you need are some electronics from a broken Inductrix or Tiny Whoop and some foam board (one of our favourite DIY materials). To make it easier, all of the components and a laser cut kit of the hull can be sourced from here

Pick up your own Speed Build Kit!


Of course, this is Flite Test, so we just had to go wild and throw a sports arena together so we could test these little things to the max!  

The arena itself was made from foam board with a few stickers for decoration. You could make up your own challenges with friends like this with your own Tiny Whoovs. All it takes is a spark of imagination. 

These hovercraft all perform flawlessly (no pun intended) on smooth surfaces. Our office is perfect for this. 

You could also make some sort of track with cardboard or foam board to race your Tiny Whoov on if you have carpets. Maybe you could take inspiration from the 2018 Winter Olympics and make a bobsled run! 

FPV goggles were used to provide an onboard perspective for our daring hovercraft pilots. You can mount a camera on the front of the Whoov or on a boom on the rear. The boom gives more of a third person view similar to a video game. 

Building the Tiny Whoov is an absolute must if you have some spare parts lying around. If you don't, you can pick up a complete kit from us which helps to support Flite Test. Just check out the Whoov page on our store!

Pick up a Tiny Whoov Kit here

Pick up a Tiny Whoop here

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Check out our Gremlin micro quads

Alex Desvignes' YouTube channel


Article by James Whomsley Editor

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dphotos on February 26, 2018
In the game you played it would be fun if you used a roller blade puck and designed some kind of hockey stick blade that could fit on the front of these hovercrafts.
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Nigel L on September 6, 2018
Look out Horizon Hobby's coming for you

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Introducing the Tiny Whoov!