4 Ways to Instantly Make Better RC Videos

by FliteTest | October 8, 2018 | (7) Posted in Tips

If you want to get better at video making, check out this article for four top tips. 

Be it if you fly a drone, FPV wing or just normal everyday Flite Test foamies, if you're looking to share videos of your RC hobby this article is for you. Making a video that's engaging, interesting, informative and (most importantly) conveys your passion for the RC hobby to the viewer isn't an easy task. It's sometimes just plain difficult. So, here's are four bite-sized pieces of advice to help you out. You won't need to buy anything, you can simply up your game with the gear you already have and a few new skills.

Keep it simple

Use what you have. If you don't have a big camera capable of fancy 4K video, just use your phone. If you don't have a tripod, simply place your phone on a pile of books whilst shooting a tutorial. Don't worry about fancy studio lights, just shoot by a nice big window during the day. 

Some videos you can shoot solely on an old GoPro

Here's the thing: you don't need a $1000 camera setup. Some of the best RC videos are shot with a GoPro taped to a plane and flown through some impossibly small spaces; it's all about the content not all about the gear. Try not to take lots of gear to the field either - keep it simple. Bring one camera and one aircraft at first. This way, you can focus on flying rather than setting everything up and remembering to turn on five seperate cameras. 

This classic Charpu video uses just one camera 

Using music and sound

Finding music is difficult, but the YouTube Audio Library can help. These tunes are all royalty-free meaning you can use them on videos without worrying about copyright. Look hard and use some appropriate songs for the mood of your video. Try building up a personal 'sound'. If you consistently use similar sounding songs across your videos, you'll be able to build a vibe that's unique to your channel. 

Here's some more info for you to check out on the subject of Music

Good sound is very important. No one wants to listen to excessive motor noise for five minutes, so make sure you at least tone it down. One thing you might want to try is narrating over your FPV flights. This can make the video a little more interesting for the viewer. Grab your phone and record your voice whilst you fly. Talk about what you're doing and the challenges you're experiencing. 

Replacing motor noise with narration and some subtle music sometimes makes for a more interesting video

Learn software to create some sweet edits

You don't need the best or the most expensive software but you do need some. You can just use something like iMovie if you have to. Learn it well. Practice editing. Like everything - you learn with experience. Each video you create and put out there, the better they will become. 

Keep shooting and editing new videos. However, take things slowly at first. Like the first point, start by keeping it simple and work up to more complex videos as you grow. Gather lots of footage at the field and then cut it down. Throw away 90 percent of it to get at the really good stuff. Once you've edited something ask yourself "what can I cut out?" - The aim here is to get the viewer to watch the whole thing. Leave them wanting more.

Here's a 4.25-minute video that is almost all thrilling FPV action 

Tell the viewer a story

It may sound cleché, but creating a flowing narrative to a video is a sure way to keep people interested. We all like stories after all! If you're showing the build of an airplane, show everything: buying the kit, unboxing it, setting up your tools. Keep going until you reach the exciting conclusion where your new plane flies for the first time. 

Engage with the viewer and structure your videos like a story

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Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: james@flitetest.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/projectairaviation


model3113 on October 13, 2018
VLC player has built in editing functions if you find iMovie or Windows Movie Maker too complicated. Great for cutting out that 5 mins where you're just checking everything before a flight.
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jtuttle11 on October 11, 2018
Want to REALLY improve your videos ? ? Then Cover the Microphone with some kind of 'Wind Breaker' to get rid of the Wind Roar that drowns out your audio.
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Jackson T on October 11, 2018
That FPV Team Echelon video is really cool!!!
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Timwetzel on October 12, 2018
This is what i did. I started slowly and as i got up to more videos and subscribers i started taking more time to edit out boring parts, adding the right music, and making sure the video wasn't too long to lose interest and think of what video theme i wanted my next one to be. My YT channel is DivisionRc and right now i'm at 68 subs and with each video i try to lean more to keep the viewer interest and target the r/c hobby.
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4 Ways to Instantly Make Better RC Videos