Too small for paint? Brush Tip Sharpies!

by Fly'n-V | August 28, 2013 | (6) Posted in Tips

Having recently found a great deal on "soon to be discontinued" Horizon Hobbies spare parts, I bought several batches of parts for various models.  I enjoy building the planes from parts vice RTF versions... especially if the price is right like these.

The issue is you have a nice sterile white or yellow plane when finished.  Since these are Ultra Micro series planes, I felt that even light paint may be too heavy.  Plus, they're pretty small and hard to mask.

I saw these Brush Tip Sharpies in the local Big Box office supply store and decided to give them a try.


I'm very pleased with the pens and they apply the ink very smoothly.  I really like the brush tip, fine for detail or just turn it a bit and get the length of brush for those broad strokes...

I checked online vendors and even the Sharpie website for different styles/colors.

Best I can tell they come in singles, eight pack as shown above and 12 pack.  They are a bit pricy but so far seem worth it to me.  One thing to note, the color yellow seems to only come in the 12 pack, no singles. I'll comment on Sharpie's web page, maybe they'll listen and make them available as singles.

Here's my Sukhoi 26M with a bit of red applied...didn't get too crazy on the test case, 10 minute job.

Hopefully this helps some of you with small models or anyone wanting to jazz up your model.

As always, Big Thanks to the whole FliteTest crew for all they do to make this hobby FUN! 

Cheers  -  Sr12



Driveandairsmash on August 31, 2013
my friend use to have that yak... the first time he finally got it to loop it exploded into a barricade. Lol we have a video of him and me flying and the crash into the barricade. Nice job by the way just saw the Yak and I remembered that time.
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Fly'n-V on August 31, 2013
Thanks! I have many similar memories...crashed this one into a light pole in parking lot. It's so light though, no major damage, crack the the fuse and motor mount broke free. Little dab of glue on both and back in business!
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knife-edge on September 2, 2013
Senior, if you look in the forum under the swapables, you will see a thread called something like sharpied my ft flyer. Both of yours look really cool.
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Too small for paint? Brush Tip Sharpies!