Trappy is Here 2! BONUS PODCAST!

by FliteTest | July 21, 2014 | (9) Posted in Podcasts

Trappy stopped in to talk to us about what he has been up to lately and recent FAA shenanigans.

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Here are a few actions you can take:
As a US citizen, submit your own comments to the FAA on this new interpretation of what a model aircraft is here:!submitComment;D=FAA-2014-0396-0001

You can make a polite, informed and respectful comment and give a rating of the FAA on their Facebook page here:

You can sign a petition to have the FAA rescind the ruling.

If you have a moment, please take all of the actions above. The FAA needs to know your feelings on this matter. With a group effort we can at the very least not watch our hobby banned quietly. We are by no means experts on the matter, so please share your thoughts below. 

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bobby41 on July 21, 2014
in italy they made worse than in the U.S. The ENAC made a new rule about model airplanes WITHOUT letting leave a comment to their website. Now we can't fly highter than 70meters and not further than 200 meters and ONLY line of site. you are awesome guys
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sailorJohn on July 21, 2014
Didn't bother to watch , of all people, you should be keeping a low profile!
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MT Alex on July 21, 2014
It would be very hard to watch since it is only audio, Mr. Wilson.
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Trow on July 24, 2014
Guys - I've listened to the last four podcasts about the FAA. I commented to the site and signed the petition. In total, you have devoted several hours to this absolutely crazy issue. I'm not a government hater, but this one really gets me steamed.

However, I'm still unclear about WHY the FAA is taking this course. I just don't get it. Is it *really* all just about government budgets and money? Even if they fined us all--and collected!--it would still come to peanuts. Peanuts as far as government dollar amounts are concerned, I mean.

So why? What's their long game here? What is the FAA *really* after by doing this? Is there some backstory here you're not talking about? Also, shouldn't we all be calling our various federal congressional reps on this matter?

I sure hope the AMA has hired a cutthroat Washington, D.C. lobby shop...

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walnutdad on July 25, 2014
It's astonishing that he seems to have no idea the sitstorm that he has caused because of the way he flies his aircraft. Flying in the wilderness is one thing. But through populated cities is not very responsible.
He admitted in the pod cast to having equipment failer while flying from the back of a prison to some mountain. That could have happened in some of the illresponsible places that he's flown in the past resulting in property damage or someone being injured.
Are we supposed to just go "oh that's so cool" while he goes home and leaves a mess of regs. in his wake and makes money?
Trappy and others like him who fly recklessly just because to sell product or just for the hell of it should be call out not praised.
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Genetics101 on July 26, 2014
I completely agree and back you 100%! Please do not be persuaded to remove your comment as I have had many many fans of this renegade pilot literally attack me for saying less! On the other hand there are the common sense types like yourself that see this kind of piloting for what it is, not to mention he's not even an American citizen & he comes into our country doing as he pleases & he has really stirred the pile of "you know what"!
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Jaxx on July 26, 2014
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed to see FT continue to embrace this guy. In the “FAA Ban On FPV” show, Josh B talks about FT having no problem with “people that make decisions that put other people in danger being prosecuted” yet they bring him back on the show to talk about the FAA regulation. He sets a terrible example, and goes against everything FT stands for.
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Genetics101 on July 26, 2014
It frustrates me how ignorant a majority of the people are, this has almost nothing to do with the FAA being concerned for the safety of "air traffic" yada yada yada it has everything to do with control Control CONTROL! The powers that be do not want civilians having this technology in their hands, not to mention how affordable it is and how many people could actually arm theirselves with several of these platforms.. Weather you want to believe it or not the government is already in the works to completely disarm American citizens! These multirotors when equipped with FPV & with an array of other devices could be a formidable weapon in the hands of the wrong people, this is what this really boils down to... The government always creates the problem & then has the solution, just watch as something drastic that has to do with FPV will happen and that'll be the end of the story for our hobby, weather or not it's an honest mistake by some careless idiot or a plan devised by the government to make the masses believe these things are just downright dangerous & shouldn't legal is just around the corner..
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Johnny Danger on July 29, 2014
Great podcast that got me thinking ... and was going to put in my 2c which Genetics101 covered. Absolutely 100% about control.
Seems like the only people who the US government want to fly RC is the government and it's agents. They're pre-empting civilian use of the skies.
This issue is very close to gun control - 'they'll have to take my transmitter out of my cold dead hands'.

(Great to hear Josh B's libertarian like thoughts early in the podcast - yes, often bureaucracy CREATES the problem it is supposedly addressing )
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llharper on July 27, 2014
I agree with a lot of these comments. Aligning with someone like Trappy is a bad direction to go. The time would have been better spent talking to someone from the AMA.
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Trappy is Here 2! BONUS PODCAST!