Tricopter Tips

by FliteTest | May 17, 2011 | (32 Ratings) Posted in Tips

In this episode the Joshes are joined by David Windestal talking about 5 tips to a happy tricopter. These aircraft are quickly growing in popularity in part for their odd looks, ease of flying, and abilities as a camera/FPV platform. David shows us a list a tips and tricks for his tricopter, while touching briefly on the topic of quadcopters. The show continues top help you see the Tips to a happy tricopter.


flyingryan on May 13, 2012
im having difficulty in setting up my kk board and wonder whats the easiest link to understand everything from setting up wires to programming it in the avr. can someone forwarde me to the tips on that? its really tough trying all this myself. thanks.
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Pillip Flop on October 4, 2012
This is a very good tutorial on programming the HK board its not a KK but the principles are pretty much the same. You posted this 4 months ago so I bet you
have worked it out by now anyway.
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liveyourdreamsRC on February 13, 2013
Hi FT, Could you please do some more episodes with Dave and the tricopters. It would also be good to do some episodes relating to what motors are good and how to program and operate the KK2 board. Maybe if Dave has some spare time and a tripod he could do a build series of one of his tricopters.
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savage on December 1, 2014
I have a problem. I have recently purchased the batbone, love it by the way, hovers great inside and out and outside of course as soon as I try to get a little higher it flips out as in trying to invert itself this has happened twice it has broke 2 booms and rear tilt first time 2nd time it broke the rear tilt I. I don't know if it is my kk2 board or radio which is a tactic ttx 600. Please help
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