Twin Otter Floats Build

by Joshuamelvin | May 1, 2024 | (0) Posted in How To

The FT Twin Otter is one of our newest released designs by our favorite Renaissance man.... David Jester.  This incredible twin powerhouse is also a fantastic amphibious platform with the optional Floats Option.  

This article will take you through everything you need to know to build your own FT Twin Otter Float set

The FT Twin Otter Float kit includes everything needed to build and attach your pontoons directly to your FT Twin Otter.

Pontoon Mounting bracket assembly

  • Using Zap adhesive and kicker, Glue the outer pontoon support to the mounting plate.  Repeat the same process on all four mounting plates.

Mounting Pontoon Brackets

  • Glue the mounting plates to the top of the pontoon making sure the outer supports mirror each other to create a left and right pontoon.  

Quick Tip:  With FT Duriflite foam, you CAN use traditional ZAP Products.  No need for foam Safe. Simply apply Zap to the wood, Spray the foam with Kicker, and connect to dry.

Gluing in Plywood inner support plates

  • Using the edge of the landing gear wire, Create a slot in the top plywood mounts to allow the inner support plates to slide in and glue down. Once test fit, Glue in Place with Zap CA

Front Nose pontoon support assembly

  • Mark the center of the included .1" landing gear wire and mark roughly 10mm on each side of the center mark.

  • Carefully bend the wire so that it matches the marks on both side of the landing gear insert.

TIP:  you will be bending slightly inside the marks to allow for the bend of the wire.

  • Hold the nose plate flat against the table while slowly bending the landing gear legs outward roughly 60 degrees

  • Measure and mark the landing gear legs 12cm from the nose plate and bend remainder of the wire parallel with the nose plate.

Mounting pontoons to the Twin Otter

  • Place a wheel collar on the insides of the nose landing gear and tighten.  
  • Pass the wire of the nose landing gear through the front holes of the pontoon bracket and tighten wheel collars the the outside of the brackets.
  • Do the same process with the spreader bar on the rear hole of the front landing gear bracket.  See pic below

  • Remove the nose gear and the rear tires on the plane.  
  • Pass the rear landing gear mount through the rear hole of the rear pontoon bracket.
  • Clip the front nose bracket into place on the bottom of the fuselage.  

  • Measure the rear and the front of the pontoons to make sure they are parallel to each other.  You can bend the landing gear inward or outward if needed to get the pontoons both level and straight.  

  • Once happy with the alignment, lock down the landing gear with the wheel collars and mark and trim any additional length on the spreader bar.

  • Your Twin otter should have a touch of positive incidence between the pontoon and the top of the floats.


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Twin Otter Floats Build