Uncharted Territory - Miniquad FPV

by mattplaneflyer | May 9, 2015 | (5) Posted in Just Fun


Practicing with my miniquad at Thompson Ledges.

Sponsored by: http://aerokingrc.com/

Miniquad setup:

ZMR 250 frame

naze 32 flight controller

Emax MT 2204-2300KV motors

6x4.5 HQ props

Emax 12 amp esc's

2200mah 3s lipo

Frysky D4R-II reciever

400mw video transmitter, board camera, and clover leaf antenna

GoPro Hero 3+


FTprime on May 16, 2015
This vido is awesome!!
What state are you in, the location is amazing!
Also, what frecuency are you on, looks like it penetrates well.
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wrayman on May 10, 2015
If that was me flying I would of been in a tree long time ago great job on flying an nice video
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mattplaneflyer on May 11, 2015
Hey thanks!
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mattplaneflyer on May 16, 2015
Thanks! I was using 2.4ghz for control and 5.8ghz for video with a cloverleaf on the transmitter and a patch on the receiver. Also Im in Ohio
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Uncharted Territory - Miniquad FPV