057 "Up the Creek" w/ A Nano Quad

by FliteTest | January 8, 2015 | (14) Posted in Podcasts

Chris,Wayne and Mike start out the new year with some great crash stories and a couple cool product reviews

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Willsonman on January 9, 2015

Quite the find!
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Willsonman on January 9, 2015
... and even a presentation...
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Duncanouellette on January 9, 2015
do you guys have the link to the crash vid you were talking about

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FliteTest on January 10, 2015
http://youtu.be/zhv6M6I5vM4 Hope this works - Chris
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abelhijazi on January 10, 2015
thanks for mentioning my crash story (abdel)

actually abdel is not my first name, abdel is the half of my first name .. it is abdel-rahman

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Rubicon on January 9, 2015
Here is a explanation that includes a kind of history of Lithium ion and where it seems headed.
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Gary Regier on January 12, 2015
I agree, Hard to see in the evening. The plane got away from me really fast due to its coloring and lost it for a day in the trees. After recovering it, and replacing the battery cover, I flew it several more times and crashed it trying to fly it inverted due to the visibility issue. I love the plane fun, fun.
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spastickitten on January 10, 2015
Thanks Flite test for getting and keeping in the hobby for years because my first flight was today and it was on the sport cub s. I started before I could get the money and last week I got the cub after you review, and its the best trainer ever! Though it is my only experience I flew through two batteries and it was the best with safe and all. Thank all you guys at flite test for showing me the best hobby ever!
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FliteGreg on January 18, 2015
Another good podcast, guys. I enjoyed it, keep up the good work. And I agree with you, the Artizan is probably a very good flying aircraft but as far as shape and color-scheme are concerned, it's like oatmeal : Bland and un-memorable... For just about the same price, the Sukhoi has a better Rx and good looks that are also functional. I love your honest and humble review style, keep the product reviews coming!
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dktheflyer on January 14, 2015
i have a crash story that i was like ten and i had gotten a super cub so my dad and i went on the simulator and then we went to a field and my dad had me throw it while he flew it i threw it at a very high angle of attack and then it was really slow going up and like tip stalled and went strait to the ground. so then it was my turn so we go out throttle up pull up then i panicked and pushed strait down and went full throttle into the ground and it rested in pieces so i store it for about a year then i take it out and taxied and hopped off the ground for a while so then my neighbor is watching and i go towards a tree. so i hit the tree and split the wing in half. so i hot glue it back together. i got floats for it and took it on its death mission taxing on the water i caught some drag and it tipped the nose in the water lost motor power so waited for it got a burst to get it back to the shore it gets back and need to redo the whole thing so i just scrap it. i then want it gone so i tie it to my traxxas slash 4x4 that will go 40mph the landing gear was ripped out and i decided i was done with it. David King
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057 "Up the Creek" w/ A Nano Quad