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by FliteTest | October 3, 2011 | (15) Posted in News

Watch new Flite Test episodes every monday at 5 p.m. EST! In this episode of Flite Test, we talk to Josh Bixler about the making of the show and how it got started! Watch to hear more!


yedidya on August 22, 2012
my name is Yedidya
Im only 14 year old and I leve in Irael
I sow your videos on youtub and it got me intersted in rc planes
I built like 3 different models in a week but I dont have the mony to by motors, servos, esc, transmitter and all the other staff
I cant aford those staff becous Im only 14 and I dont have mony and becouse shipping to Israel cost more mony
so I did get a ct6b flysky transmitter but it pritty mach ended my mony
so Im asking you to send my the basics just to make me start(maby some motors, escs, servos and batterys) pleas
and if you can post more videos about wiring and settings
I will be more then glad if you will help me and I promes that if I will socssfuly fly a plane I will film it and you will be the first to see it
(Im sory if my Engliish isnt so well I still need to impruv it)
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nuno on December 27, 2013
Just awesome , its all I can say about you bixler . A simple man with lots of talent . Thanks to flitetest for all the input you guys had in my life. Rc flying and the passion I have for it would of not have happened , if I didn't had bumped on your 1st videos on youtube . Great stuff . Just wish it was not so expensive to ship , your kits to the uk .once more thanks to you all , and have a great 2014 . Cheers .
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doc_mat on May 19, 2014
Josh Bixler and the rest of the FliteTest crew have taught me a lot when it comes to flying, building, and just enjoying the hobby. I always look forward to your next video and to see what's coming next. The two Joshs onscreen keep a smile on my face from start to finish. I love the scratch builds as well as the speed builds- in fact, my 12 year old daughter helped me build the Spitfire (she was watching the build video and yelling at me when I did something out of sequence). I'd love to get both of my kids into the hobby.
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RCBEAST111 on June 18, 2014
You are awesome. I have a suggestion for a new swappable plane. I think you should make a dc 10, or any type of passenger plane.
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RCBEAST111 on June 18, 2014
But anyways, you were the person who got me into the hobby, and I am grateful to you.
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Bailey on July 29, 2014
Brother you have had a big impact on me and i respect you man
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aabidrasool on August 26, 2015
Hi Josh
You are the guy with so much of talent yet so simple. Bro hats off for.
You made me to go into RC Plane Hobby.
I just bought my trainer after watching ur videos.
Surely will have lot of questions for you in future.

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freddq on April 25, 2016
Hey Josh, you are great. I have been a long time FT viewer and have been struggling with building too big quads to learn on. I just watched your's and David's "Let's know them" videos and it inspired me to reach out to you.

What do you recommend as a great way for me to get my 7 year old daughter into the hobby? She is awesome, sweet and sharp and I would love to expose her to the excitement you and your crew experience as you explore and develop flying platforms. I have been playing with quadcopter systems myself and have done some homemade kits, with varying success, but I am looking for a simpler (smaller and cheaper) approach for both of us. Something to quickly get up and feel the excitement and fun of RC flying without the pain of wrecking and having to fix a several hundred dollar platform. The FT flyer looks like it might be the ticket. I have never played with fixed wing aircraft, but it looks like a nice way to go, especially with FPV. What do you recommend? Fixed wings? Quads and their ilk?

Thanks a lot, I'm not sure if this is the right platform to reach you and the FT crew, but I thought I would try.

Thanks a lot,
-fred quintana

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Who is Josh Bixler