Windmill - FPV (Fatshark)

by RC Test Pilot | August 11, 2013 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

We went to the local flying field and got those awesome shots of these giants wind turbines 


Chris-Jan on August 12, 2013
Really cool video! What tx are you using? What is the approximate range you're getting on your system?
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RC Test Pilot on August 12, 2013
I am using a Turnigy 9X, range aprox. 600m

And fatshark predator v2 with spironet antenna, Range aprox. 2-3 km

Thanks for your opinion regarding the video ;)
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RoyBro on August 12, 2013
What kind of plane?
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RC Test Pilot on August 13, 2013
The name is (EPP FPV) you can buy it from hobbyking :)
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Windmill - FPV (Fatshark)