YAK-130 Jet V2 - Now Available from FMS

by FliteTest | December 17, 2018 | (2) Posted in News

FMS just released an updated version of their Yak-130 jet. Here’s what you can expect.

There seems to have been a surge in the number of jets released into the model aviation world over the last year - and you won’t hear us complaining! What with innovations in RC making these aircraft easier to fly than ever before, the envelope has been widened to more pilots. If you’re thinking about getting a new jet, this FMS Yak might be one to keep your eye on.

Price: $269.99

Order from Horizon Hobby

Flight Video

If you’re wanting a look at how this scale RC jet performs in the air, here’s a short video. 

Specs at a Glance

  • 12-blade 70mm fan
  • 80A ESC
  • CNC alloy retracts
  • Scaled appearance
  • Metal-gear digital servos
  • Flaps
  • Simple assembly

Power System

So, now you have a rough idea of what’s behind this airframe, let’s check out what powers “the most scale-accurate Yak on the market” in more detail. Those are FMS’ words, just so you know. 

As referenced above, the Yak-130 V2 is powered by a 70mm ducted fan with an 80A electronic speed controller. The fan is spun by a Predator 2860 1850kv motor. This provides ample power for an outstanding rate of climb with this airframe when coupled with a 6s battery. 

Like with many 12-bladed EDF units, you’ll be able to hear the power of the power unit in the form of a turbine like whir. From experience, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of wheeling the power of an RC jet like this on a low pass.

Retractable Landing Gear

As this is the second iteration of the FMS Yak-130, there are obviously quite a few improvements over the first version. One of the most noticeable is with the landing gear. 

This aircraft features reinforced, sprung metal landing legs. These are CNC machined alloy retracts which are designed to provide a smooth landing and takeoff on a variety of surfaces whilst providing a rugged build that will hold up over time. Anyone who’s experienced retract issues before will be sure to appreciate this!

Scale Features

It goes without saying that this is a very scale jet - but we’ll say it anyway. Panel lines, a scale pilot, molded canopy, removable drop tank and a glossy paint finish are all included to make the most of an extremely accurate airframe.  

In the air, this plane looks at home. It can slow to reasonable speeds without stalling whilst the 70mm EDF can easily accelerate the Yak to eye-watering velocities all while providing rock solid tracking.

Who’s it for?

As every wise pilot knows, RC jets are not for the inexperienced. However, the Yak-130 would certainly make a good second jet, maybe after you’ve flown something like a Durafly Vampire. If you’ve had success scale propeller airplanes too, you’ll most probably be able to take advantage of the predictable flying characteristics and great all-around performance.

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Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: james@flitetest.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/projectairaviation 


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YAK-130 Jet V2 - Now Available from FMS