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RC Modelling, sports (klimbing, snowboarding, swimming, biking, kitesurfing), robotics
I startet my RC adventure when i found a balsa made Panda in the wardrobe of my dad whenn i was 12. I already was flying rc-sim (ms flightsim on a dos 6.22 machine). Next big step in rc flying was my first electric glider. But it didn't last long. (only 3 crashes) Then i build a realy nice balsa wooden hlg with gfk fusselage. this one was lost by an empty battery. Then i went to federal higher technical institute of mechatronics and mett my first flying buddy. With him i learned all i know about rc-soaring. Then there came some time when i startet working and had a girlfriend that was time demanding where i nearly stopped my hobby. Then there was studieing for Bachelor and Master of Mechatronics Robotics where i totally stoped my hobby. But for the last 3 years i again startetd working and am now much deeper into the hobby. I fly a lot with my pimped 1,8m epp fox from hype. and with a lot other planes. When i have time i drive to the next nice soaring hills and take my full gfk 2.7m machine out or my floater. Now i also had time and money for an trex 450; but it is not totally my thing. it needs a lot of time for service and this is not greate. I also startet trying Multicopters influenced by flitetest :-) I tried a tri a h-quad a v-quad and now have again a tri in the second itterartion. Just now i got some fpv equipment. I am eager to try it out but weather is not good at the moment.

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