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As I kid I was always passionate and fascinated about aviation. I remember going to our small abandoned airport with my grandfather and watching a local company use the facilty to refill crop dusting planes. Ever so often a few locals would bring their nitro planes and one day one ot them let me try on trainer mode. From that moment on I was hooked into the RC hobby. While I could not afford to get fully into the hobby, my grandpa saw my enthusiasm and got me an Air Hogs pump plane. As I grew up I went through several cheap toy grade RC planes progressing myself even more. As I write this I am now 25 years old. I've been fully into the hobby now for about 4 years and I must say the time invested has really been an amazing experience. Most of my hanger now consists of Eflite, Parkzone, and Blade. Horizon Hobby has made it extremely easy to get into the hobby while keeping it afforable for me. I hope to progress even more with the ultimate goal of one day owning my own plane and having my pilots license. The great news is I've already had opportunities to fly in my favorite Cessna and I hope to continue flying with friends that are just as passionate about aviation.

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