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Bristol, CT
Software Engineer
Anything RC, but more flying lately. Also do software development with Arduino and Raspberry PI's in my free time as well as videography and post production editing for a Advertising firm when the work presents itself. Also do DJ'ing for any type of event, since I love music and have been using turntables for about 10 years now
Looking for anyone who flies near Bristol CT to come on down and join me. Always like to have new people around. Typically fly with my dad on Sunday nights in various locations around Bristol. Got into RC about 30 years ago with my very first car the Grasshopper and then had tons of cars and trucks throughout the years. Moved into boats when I was like 16 for a couple years, but with not a lot of water in Bristol, soon moved out of boats :) Got into flying when I was 30 and have been there ever since (I'm now 38). I have a slew of aircraft in my hangar including: - TBS Disco quad FPV setup - FPV custome built 250 quad racer - ladybird V2 FPV setup quad - Bixler v1.1 - Mini skywalker FPV setup plane - eFlite P-51 large sized mustang - Popwing 1200mm - 3D eFlite plane - T28 UMX trojan - P51 UMX mustang - UMX GeeBee - Banana Hobby F-16 EDF Falcon Besides that, I also have a new custom ground station, Headplay HD goggles (on the way), and run Turnigy 9xr radio with Frysky and also Orange DSM for the UMX planes. I love the turnigy nano tech lipos and HobbyKing is my poison :) (in a good way)

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