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Recent graduate from North Carolina State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering
Aviation, space, engineering, electronics, and tinkering.
I have loved airplanes for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but I didn't have the best grades in high school. I was a lazy and easily distracted student. I instead chose to join the U.S. Air Force and become an aircraft mechanic. I was in the military for 10 years and my experience only solidified my love for flight. After separating from the military, I got work as an equipment maintenance technician for a major semiconductor manufacturer. It was very interesting work and I learned so much but I quickly realized I would not be happy unless I was working in the aviation industry. After a significant life event, I had to reevaluate my future. I was in a position to use my G.I. Bill and become a full-time student. So that's what I did. I am currently a senior at North Carolina State University studying aerospace engineering. I would be lying if I said that Flite Test didn't have an influence in my choice to study Aerospace Engineering. Of course, my wife was my biggest cheerleader and she deserves most of the credit for me being where I'm at today. However, Josh Bixler's passion for aviation and the odd, yet inviting, dynamic between him and Josh Scott had me hooked from the first Flite Test episode I watched. Flite Test gave me something to be passionate about during a difficult time and empowered me to double down with my love for flight. I love everything that Flite Test stands for and I am grateful to everyone that has been a part of it. Thank you Flite Test.

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