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Anything and everything about aviation is my passion from full scale to the plastic scale models. I also have a passion for Scifi and online gaming.
Been in love with aviation since I was a kid when my dad took me to my first airshow at Miramar NAS thirty some years ago. Dad has even told me that I have Jet Fuel in my veins, which I guess is kind of true seeing that I joined the USAF right out of High School as a Crew Chief on the wonderful C-141B's. I'v had an interests in RC aviation for a long time even before I joined the AF and even started building me own balsa trainer as a teenager but never got the chance to finish it due to cost and someone to teach me to fly it. Now thanks to the guys here at Flight Test and watching their vids on YouTube, I've got a huge interest in it and looking to start building my own birds soon. Thanks Guys

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