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I start to "fly" (crashing at that time would be the word...) when i was 19. It was little Helicopter found from walmart and futurshop. That where all start, i never got into plane, they cost too much and if i crash (and now i know i do) as often with plane that i do with heli i won't have to money to keep on going and just be discourage. In 2012 i bought myshelf my very first quadcopter, an helimax 1sq. Wanting to find some video about how to set it and how it would fly i end up finding the episode where Josh and Josh do their review of it and it's where i learn most of what i know now. Thanks to flite test scratch build i was able to learn how to fly a plane. I crash a lot (Completly destroy my bloody wonder) but it's just so cheap to rebuilt... And i found myself a passion for scratch building, so i don't mind cutting new piece or make a new airplane it's just fun.

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