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Build fly crash repeat. Build fly crash repeat I love this hobby with passion and this is the place I come for knowledge. I've only been doing it about 18 months and I'm on my 7th or 8th model using cheap materials like foam board, old fishing rods and bearings from old hard drives. I've spent about £150 total! For experiences and knowledge that will last a lifetime. FPV is my goal ...But all in good time. The ability to navigate through 3 dimensional spaces at high speed in real time.by remote control. Isn't that an out of body experience? I can see why FPV pilots put music to their recorded footage. What is available to me as a hobby defies belief! Yeah... build crash fly til the day I die.2015 edit a lot has changed since then. I've been in work full time now for the last 18 months so now I have a little bit more money to play with but next to zero time to do anything with it. I have cake but cant eat it . you know what I mean. Thats life FPV still my no 1 goal, Ill learn how to make the time.

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