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34 y/o from Kings Park NY on Long Island, I have 2 sons 4 and 2. I got into the hobby last August when an incident at work peaked my curiosity. I'm a controller at La Guardia Airport in NYC and I'm sure you guys are all familiar with the incident with a Phantom and an NYPD heli last summer. Not knowing anything about RC flight or quadcopters I was immediately intrigued by the photos of the dji phantom. I started researching them immediately and was about to actually buy one when I stumbled across Flitetest!! This just so happened to be a week or so after the electrohub was released. So forget the phantom, I started to build an electrohub spider quad. With no experience in the hobby whatsoever combined with no experience in soldering or electronics it was slow going. But after I maidened it and my very first flight of any kind went smoothly and everything just worked, I was hooked!! So now, 7 months later and roughly $3000 between tools, supplies, radio, electronics, fpv gear, and a few air frames, I cannot wait for a full season of flying! Thanks Flitetest!! Gear: Dx6, Dominator HDs, Immersionrc 600mw 5.8ghz vtx, Airblade LHCP antennas, Immersionrc EZOSD, 600tvl Sony Super HAD II ccd w/2.1mm lens, Electrohub spider quad, drq250 mini quad, Blade 180qx, Blade nano qx, Blade nano qx fpv, Blade nano 3D, Flyzone INUM, Horizon Hobby UMX Radian, Horizon Hobby UMX Sport Cub S (love this thing!), FT Flyer, FT Nutball and Snowball, FT Delta, FT Scout, currently building FT Bloody Wonder and FT Simple Soarer, have electronics for Mini Guinea just not enough time in the day!!!!

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