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San Francisco, California
Ceramist, hobbyist, craftsperson, model builder
Everything money can by and then some! What I Can Do! Volunteer Silversmith – Makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry Leather Crafter – Make things out of leather and suede Woodworker/Carver – Build things that look nice and carve walking sticks, make musical instruments Tailor /Seamstress – I love to sew clothes, do embroidery, costumes and lingerie Digital Photographer – Portraiture/digital video and full color still life’s Artist – any medium that inspires true creativity with abundance since life is your palette Ceramist – love to play in clay and make things of usefulness Teacher – What I can teach you and what you can teach me Freethinker – It is my mind that is not controlled, but open to inspiration Writer/Poet – I am published and still reaching for the inspirational poem A Good Mechanic – Can fix just about anything Pyro Technician - rocketry, smoke flare/bombs, solid rocket engine fuel
All about Me! It really isn't easy telling a story about yourself if you have so much to tell in such a small space. It also leaves very little know afterwards so all the mystery is gone. The general information and images in our profile are basic, but everything else can be left out because it might seem too dramatic. So I would say it this way by filling in a few blanks to start with and when eventually when we are dating. Basically I was born in San Francisco but not raised here; I lived all over the state as my parents were constantly moving. I have never had a regular home life like most children and socializing was a real pain in the butt so to speak, here one day gone the next. I live in the suburbs, in a city and eventually on a grape ranch in Somona County. I attend two high schools, graduated and when to Alaska for school a prep college for one year. I spent two years drifting until I volunteered to go to fight in Vietnam and spent a wonderful 12 years in the United States Navy. I returned to my roots, worked until my retirement and then owned my jewelry business for 7 years until I went to school to learn ceramics. I am currently a ceramic artist and I work in my studio in San Francisco and teach as well. I am now 64 years old and in good shape and active. I volunteer at a senior center as the public relations officer 3 to 4 times a week.

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