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RC Flying, I use to fly Ultra Lites and a Beech Craft Muskateer. All for fun. Now I enjoy just having fun with my RC Planes and building some crazy things to see if they fly some do well and others well with every success there must be a few failures so I don't sweat the small stuff just love to fly.
I'm 53 since I was a small boy I've been in love with flight. My first plane was a Balsa Plane with three parts and a weight on the nose for balance that you threw for a free flight. I remember Dad showing me how to adj. the tail to make it go farther. The next was a Rubber band powered. I have since owned a four place Beachcraft, a single seat CGS Hawk, and a MX Quick Silver. I have been in RC off and on since the 80's and love any thing to do with flying. I have no children, but love getting kids into planes. I'm a disabled Vet (peace time) and plan on flying RC for the next hundred years are so.. I'm alittle bit crazy but that's what it takes to throw over a thousand bucks up in the air and watch it fly away......

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